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Component #1:

Ensuring and improving RMNCAH & Nutrition (RMNCAH+N), Secondary Healthcare, FP Services Utilization and Public Health Emergencies Response

Sub-Component: Government Dispensaries, Basic Health Units, RHCs, THQs and DHQs (Referral) Hospitals, Ambulances and RTIs
1a Rehabilitation and Upgradation of 392 Government Dispensaries (GDs)
1b Procurement of Medical Equipment / Instruments for 392 Rehabilitated GDs
1c Health Care Waste Management for 392 Rehabilitated and Upgraded GDs, BHUs and RHCs and THQs
1d Cost of Human Resource and Operations of 392 Rehabilitated and Upgraded GDs
1e Rehabilitation and Upgradation of 97 RHCs and 39 THQs Hospitals in Flood Affected Districts
1f Procurement of Medical Equipment / Instruments for Labour Rooms of 39 THQs Hospitals (Referral Hospitals) alongwith 4 Bedded Gynae HDU
1g Strengthening of Operation Theatre at 39 THQs Hospitals (Referral Hospitals)
1h Establishment of 10 Bedded Nursery at 39 THQs Hospitals (Referral Hospitals)
1i Establishment of Diagnostic Laboratory at 39 THQs Hospitals (Referral Hospitals)
1j Procurement of Medical Equipment / Instruments for Labour Rooms of 97 Rural Health Centers (Referral Hospitals)
1k Establishment of Hospital Based Blood Bank at 04 DHQs Hospitals Kashmore @ Kandhkot, Sujawal, T Allahyar and T M Khan to be linked with Regional Blood Centers
1l Procurement of 90 Ambulances and 05 Mobile Laboratory to be operated by Sindh Integrated Health Emergency Services
1m Rehabilitation and Upgradation of 04 Regional Training Institutes (RTIs), 06 Public Health Schools and 10 CMW Schools Damaged During Floods
Sub-Component: Contingency Emergency Response
1n Reconstruction of 121 Basic Health Units Fully Damaged During Floods
1o Procurement of Ambulances, Field Hospitals and Mobile Vans for Disaster Response
Sub-Component: Capacity Development
1p Training Program for 1176 CMWs (Through MoU with Private Nursing Institutes and Through Public Nursing Schools)
1q 3 Week Orientation Training of 2352 CHW's (to be hired) 47 Batches (50 CHWs each batch)
1r Hiring of Consultant and Meetings of Technical Groups to develop Manuals and Guidelines
1s 3 Days Training of WMOs (130), CHWs (2352), CMWs (1176) & FWWs (392) (162 Batches) on Comprehensive FP, Youth & Adolescents, Gender Equality
1t 2 Days Training on Essential Health Service Package (EHSP) in Peri Urban Areas of Karachi (29 GDs)
1u Training and Accreditation of Private Practitioners on Essential RMNCAH Interventions on 29 Facilities Peri Urban Areas of Karachi
1v 3 Days Training of 21700 LHWs, 2352 CHWs, 3500 CMWs on Awareness and Social Mobilization on Prevention of Non Communicable Diseases to be Organised by RMNCH Wing of Health Department
1w 2 Day Training Sessions on Medical Record (MR) System of 130 WMOs, 392 Telemedicine Assistant and 1960 CMWs at Public Health Institutes
1x Strengthening of PPP Node of Health Department

Component #2:

Strengthen demand for and utilization of RMNCAH+N and FP Services and Women Empowerment

2a Establishment of Tele Health / Tele Medicine Network (Hub and Spoke Model) between 7 Teaching Hospitals 16 DHQs Hospitals and 392 GDs and Women Support Group Meetings
2b Women Economic Empowerment, Microfinancing and Skill Devlopment

Component #3:

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

3a Program Management Unit (PMU)
3b 3b IT Units at Project Management IT Unit (PMITU) and District IT Units
3c Baseline, Mid-term and End of Project Surveys
3d Operational Budget of PMU
3e PMU Office Equipment
3f Research Study on Implementation
3g Gender Gap Analysis
3h Implementation of Environmental Social Management Frameworks (ESMF)